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Portability applies to families moving out of or into the HA's jurisdiction within the U.S. and its territories. Under portability, families are eligible to receive assistance to lease a unit outside of the initial HA's jurisdiction. The unit may be located:

  1. ln the same state as the initial HA
  2. ln the jurisdiction of a HA anywhere within the US that administers a tenant based program

Outgoing Portability Procedures

The HHA will provide pre-portability counseling for those families who express an interest in portability. If the family is utilizing portability for their initial lease-up, the HHA will determine if the family is within the very low income limit of the receiving HA. If the receiving HA will absorb and the family will be changing its form of assistance, the HHA will advise the family accordingly.

  • The HHA will notify the Receiving HA that the family wishes to relocate into its jurisdiction
  • The HHA will advise the family how to contact and request assistance from the Receiving HA
  • The HHA will notify the Receiving HA that the family will be moving into its jurisdiction
  • The HHA will provide the following documents and information to the Receiving HA:
    • Copy of the family's voucher with issue & expiration dates, formally acknowledging the family's ability to move under portability
    • Most recent HUD 50058 form and verification
    • Declarations and verifications of U.S. Citizenship/eligible immigrant status
    • Persons designated for inquiries on eligibility and billing
    • Administrative Fee Schedule for billing purposes

  • The Receiving HA must notify the HA within (60) sixty calendar days of the following:
    • The Receiving HA decides to absorb the family into their own program.
    • The family leases up or fails to submit a Request for Lease Approval by the required date.
    • Assistance to a portable family is terminated by the Receiving HA.
    • The family requests to move to an area outside the Receiving HA's jurisdiction.

Restrictions on Portability

  1. Families will not be permitted to exercise portability during the initial 12 month period after admission to the program, if neither the head or spouse had a domicile (legal residence) in the HHA's jurisdiction at the date of their initial application for assistance unless the receiving and initial HA agree to allow the move.
  2. If the family is in violation of a family obligation.
  3. If the family owes money to the HA.

Payment to the Receiving HA

The HHA will requisition funds from HUD based on the anticipated lease-ups of portable Vouchers in the other HA's jurisdictions. Payments for families in other jurisdictions will be made to other HA's when billed or in accordance with other HD approved procedures for payment.

When billed, the HHA will reimburse the Receiving HA for 100% of the HAP, 100% of the Special Claims paid on HAP contract effective prior to 10/2/95, and 80% of the Administrative Fee (at the initial HA's rate), and any other HUD-approved fees.

List of Neighboring Housing Authorities

Miami-Dade County Public Housing And Community Development
7400 NW 19 Street Suite H
Miami, FL 33126

Miami Beach Housing Authority 200 Alton Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Homestead Housing Authority
29355 South Federal Highway
Homestead, FL 33033

Broward County Housing Authority
4780 North State Road 7
Lauderdale Lakes, FL. 33319

Ft. Lauderdale Housing Authority
437 S.W. 4th Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315

Hollywood Housing Authority
7300 N. Davie Road Extension
Hollywood, FL 33024

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