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HHA Newsletter - February 2023 - Volume 7



Hialeah Housing Authority Newsletter, February 2023 Volume 7

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Message from the Executive Director

Julio Ponce Headshot

Happy New Year to all our residents! Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity in 2023. This year our goal is to continue adding affordable & workforce housing to our great City. We will continue seeking programs to help our community, especially in these harsh economic times. Our commitment is to continue building more affordable and workforce housing to help gap the housing need.

"Together, we will continue to make Hialeah thrive." Thank you for your support and for reading this quarter's newsletter.

Julio Ponce,
Executive Director

City of Hialeah - Local Elected Officials

Esteban Bovo Jr Headshot

Esteban Bovo Jr.

Monica Perez Headshot

Monica Perez

Jacqueline Garcia- Roves Headshot

Jacqueline Garcia-Roves

Bryan Calvo Headshot

Bryan Calvo

Vivian Casals-Munoz Headshot

Vivian Casals-Muñoz

Luis Rodriguez Headshot

Luis Rodriguez

Jesus Tundidor Headshot

Jesus Tundidor

Carl Zogby Headshot

Carl Zogby

Senator Bryan Avila Headshot

Senator Bryan Avila
District 39

State Rep Alex Hizo Headshot

State Rep. Alex Rizo
District 110

State Rep Tom Fabricio Headshot

State Rep. Tom Fabricio
District 103

State Rep David Borrero Headshot

State Rep. David Borrero
District 105

Senator Rene Garcia Headshot

Senator Rene García
Miami-Dade Commissioner
District 13

Kevin Marino Cabrera Headshot

Kevin Marino Cabrera
Miami-Dade Commissioner
District 6

Juan Carlos Bermudez Headshot

Juan Carlos Bermudez
Miami-Dade Commissioner
District 12

Mario Diaz-Balart Headshot

Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart
District 26

HHA in the Community

Leaders Heading Fire and Fraud Prevention Program

Fire and Fraud Prevention Team Julio Ponce • Executive Director - HHA
Esteban Bovo Jr • Mayor - City of Hialeah
Vivian Casals-Muñoz • Councilwoman
George Fuente • Chief of Police - Hialeah Police
Yoshua Garfinkel • Sergeant - Hialeah Police
Fernando Villa • Commander - Hialeah Police
Paul M. Garcia • Captain - Fire Department
William Guerra • Chief - Fire Department

Cotson Tree Planting 10/19/22

Cotson Park tree planting took place on October 19, 2022. This event was led by Mayor Esteban Bovo Jr. along with Senator Rene Garcia, City Council Vice-President Jacqueline Garcia-Roves, Councilman Jesus Tundidor, Councilwoman Vivian Casals-Muñoz, HHA Commissioner Fara Alvarez, and HHA tenants representing Hialeah Housing Authority.

A group of individuals standing together. Individuals planting a tree. Individuals speaking at a podium. A group of people preparing to plant a tree. A group of people lifting a tree.

HHA Annual Landlord Summit 10/25/22

HHA's Annual HHA Landlord Summit took place at the Milander this past October 25, 2022. We are grateful to all our landlords for helping us house over 5,000 tenants, and for keeping their units up to good standards. With your continuous participation and enrollment, we help each year more eligible Section 8 recipients. Thank you for all you do! An individual speaking on stage.
Two individuals speaking at a podium Individuals standing at a podium A group of individuals sitting down in chairs. A group of people sitting at tables in a large room.

Halloween Elderly Party 10/27/22

On October 27, 2022, Executive Director Julio Ponce in collaboration with Mayor Esteban Bovo brought back the Halloween festivities. We enjoyed the annual costume contest and the vibrant energy from the community. Special visit from Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, Senator Rene Garcia, Councilwoman Vivian Casals-Muñoz, City Vice-Chair Jacqueline Garcia-Roves, Councilman Luis Rodriguez.

Individuals dressed in costumes at a Halloween party. A group of individuals dressed in costumes. A man and a woman standing together smiling. Individuals waving at others at a Halloween party.

Thanksgiving Elderly Party 11/17/2022

On November 17, 2022, we gather to celebrate and also to be thankful for all God has giving us. We also are truly thankful to our Commissioner Rebecca Sosa, who has dedicated her life in helping the community. We are grateful to have people like Commissioner Sosa, and on that date, we serenaded her for her retirement. Commissioner Sosa was given the Key to the City of Hialeah by Mayor Esteban Bovo Jr.

A man and a woman standing side by side. A band playing music.

A group of individuals standing together for a photo.

Left to right: Commissioner Kevin M. Cabrera, Executive Director Julio Ponce, Vice-President Jacqueline Garcia- Roves, Councilwoman Vivian Casals-Muñoz, Commissioner Rebecca Sosa, Mayor Esteban Bovo Jr., and Councilman Carl Zogby.

A group of people enjoying a party.

Left to right: Commissioner Rebecca Sosa and Executive Director Julio Ponce Mayor Esteban Bovo Jr., Commissioner Rebecca Sosa, Executive Director Julio Ponce, Vice-President Jacqueline Garcia- Roves, Councilman Jesus Tundidor, Commissioner Kevin M. Cabrera, Councilman Carl Zogby, Councilwoman Vivian Casals-Muñoz, and State Representative Tom Fabricio.

Commissioner Fara Alvarez Birthday 12/07/22

Celebrating our beloved Commissioner Fara Alvarez at Vivian Villas lunch room. Commissioner Fara has been a tenant at Vivian Villas for more than 35 years and has always served our community. We thank her for her endless dedication to the Hialeah Community.

Individuals gathering around a table with a birthday cake. Fara smiling brightly. A man standing next to Fara Alvarez. A group of individuals sitting at a table.

Christmas Elderly Party 12/15/2022

On December 14, 2022, we celebrated Christmas with our beautiful community. The room was filled with Christmas spirit. As usual, our distinguished Council Members were present to support our community: President Monica Perez, Vice-President Jacqueline Garcia-Roves, Councilman Carl Zogby, Councilwoman Vivian Casals-Muñoz., and Councilman Luis Rodriguez. We also had the honor of having in his very festive suit our recent elected Miami-Dade School District 4 Board Member Robert Alonso. Oneida Mendez from Leon Medical Center was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for its valuable contribution to our community by the office of Commissioner Kevin M. Cabrera. Our Hot Lunch Participant Nancy Mulet, was also presented with the Certificate of Appreciation for its valuable contributions to our community by the office of Commissioner Kevin M. Cabrera. Nancy is also Victor Wilde's activity coordinator We thank both Oneida and Nancy for their outstanding work in our community.

Two women and a man smiling for a photo. A line of individuals standing together smiling. Individuals dressed in Christmas themed clothes standing together. A group of individuals standing next to eachother. Individuals standing in a room dressed in Christmas clothes.

HHA Elderly Services

The recreational and activities program offers trips to different sites all over South Florida. It also offers pick up and drop off for grocery shopping. The activities are by reservation only. If you are interested in the program, please contact the recreation and activities department by calling (305) 257-3502 or (305) 888-9744 Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

HHA Toy Drive 10/15/2022

Bringing joy to the kids in the community is what Christmas is all about!

Various photos of individuals handing out toys for Christmas.

"Your Local Government at Work"

Hialeah Housing Authority

Julio Ponce, Executive Director
Barbara Hernandez, Chairperson
Mario Diaz, Vice Chairperson
Maida Gutierrez, Commissioner
Fara Alvarez, Commissioner
Juan Junco, Commissioner

2023 Important Dates

Feb. 14, 2023 - Valentines Day
Feb. 20, 2023 - President's Day - HHA Offices Closed
Feb. 22, 2023 - Ash Wednesday
Mar. 17, 2023 - St. Patrick's Day

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