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Conventional Housing

Conventional Housing is a non-subsidized program at market rent that HHA administers across three buildings and a fourplex with a total of 481 units of one, two & three-bedroom sizes:

Palm Centre - in 1994, the Housing Authority saw the need for additional affordable rents in the city of Hialeah and planned the purchase of Palm Centre, a complex containing 298 apartments and 56 commercial bays. Palm Centre was built in Phases,

  • Phase I is located at 60 E 3rd Street
  • Phase II is located at 150 E 1 Street

In between these two buildings we have the Commercial Suite at 240 E 1st Street, Hialeah. The visual perception when you see these buildings is that they are all connected.

Patterson Pavilion - 100 units designated for elderly housing and accepting Section 8 vouchers.

Villa Mariposa - 2021 Newest Addition to the HHA Community Properties.

  • State of the Art Architecture composed of 80 one-bedroom and 3 studio residencies.
  • This building was designed to serve our low-income elderly community.

HHA provides many amenities and services to their tenants, such as:

  • Daily property maintenance
  • Afterhours emergency service
  • Security guard during the evening
  • CCTV surveillance in most properties
  • Property Landscaping
  • Janitorial Services
  • On-site laundry rooms are standard. 

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