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Term of the Voucher/Suspensions

Term of Voucher:

The housing voucher is issued on the day of the briefing and will expire 60 days after issued, as stated in item 3 on the top of page one of the voucher, unless the family requests an extension in writing and the HHA grants a written extension of the voucher, in which case the voucher will expire on the date stated in ltem 4 on page one of the voucher.

If the voucher expires and is not extended by the HHA or expires after an extension, the family will be denied assistance. The family will not be entitled to a review or hearing. If the family is currently assisted, it may remain as a participant in the unit if there is an assisted lease/contract in effect.

If the family includes a person with disabilities and the family requires an extension due to the disability, the Housing Authority will grant an extension allowing the family a maximum of 180 days from the date the voucher was issued for search time.


When a Request for Tenancy Approval ("RFTA") is received, the term of the voucher will be suspended until a lease and contract have been executed for the unit or the HHA determines that leasing the unit is not feasible. If the unit cannot be leased, the Housing Authority will change the expiration date on the voucher and provide the family the same number of search days which remain in the term of the date the RFTA was submitted.

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