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Sample Rent Calculation

How Your Rent is Calculated

(Sample based on Head of Household with one child under (8) full time student)

Your Annual Income $11,960.00
Less Allowances  $480.00
Annual Adjusted Income $11,480.00
Monthly Adjusted Income divided by 12 Months $957.00
30% of Monthly Income equals TTP $287.00
Rent Requested by Landlord $650.00
Utility Allowance (2) Bedroom paying electricity only $49.00
Gross Rent (Rent + Utility)  $699.00
Payment Standard Established for 2 Bdr Unit $768.00
Calculating Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) to Landlord  
1. Take the lesser of the Groos Rent or Payment Standard  
2. Subtract the TTP amount (e.g. $699 - $287) to get subsidy $412.00
Your Portion of Rent to Owner
(Rent less subsidy) $650 - $412 equals your portion


Note: Permissable allowances are:

  • $480 per minor children or for full time student
  • $400 for elderly or disabled family (one-time only) 
  • For elderly and disabled families only medical or auxiliary assistance is considered an allowance (see your case worker for more details) 

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