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Public Housing Personnel

Joel Bonilla, Director of Housing

Yipsy C. Ceballos, Housing Coordinator

Daymi Chanfrau, Housing Coordinator

Veronica Gonzalez, Housing Coordinator

Doris B. Hernandez, Housing Coordinator

Idalmis Ricardo Perez, Housing Coordinator

Amber R. Larralde Housing Coordinator 

Carmen Caballero,  Assistant Housing Coordinator 

Milagros Chiong, Assistant Housing Coordinator 

Roxana Torres, Assistant Housing Coordinator

Ana M. Arce, Elderly Services Coordinator 

Yvonne Z. Medina, Elderly Services Coordinator 

Anyely M. Batista Bravo, FSS Coordinator

Alonzo A. Hudson, Asset Manager

Lydia Madrazo, Asset Manager

Yamila Vega, Asset Manager

Mayle Alonso, Work Order Clerk

Indira Feliu, Work Order Clerk

Miriam De La Aguilera, Office Clerk

Ivana Barney, Office Clerk

Ideibis Marin Iglesias, Office Clerk

Rebecca Isabela Magarino, Office Clerk

Rebecca Magarino, Administrative Assistant

Matilde Garcia, Janitor

Martha M. Restrepo, Laundry Attendant

Ailyn Rojas Llabona, Laundry Attendant

Palm Centre

Ileana Gonzalez, Property Manager

Yadis Cabrera, Assistant Property Manager

Ursula Betancourt, Work Order Clerk

Anabel Anderson Herrera, Office Clerk

Daislin Hernandez, Office Clerk

Alina Pena Tamayo - Office Clerk


Zaida Concepcion, Assistant Property Manager

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