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Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners of the Hialeah Housing Authority is appointed by the Mayor of the City of Hialeah, Florida. Each Commissioner is appointed to a four-year term or to complete the term of the Commissioner they have replaced. A Commissioner can be re-appointed for as many terms as the Mayor of the City may see necessary. If the Resident Commissioner should lose his/her housing assistance from the Hialeah Housing Authority, he/she would then be replaced.

The Commissioners have many responsibilities that deal with decision-making. A major responsibility of the Board is the contracting of the Executive Director. The Executive Director serves as the Secretary to the Board of Commissioners. Additionally, they set and approve policies to be implemented and oversee the operations of the Authority. 

Maida Gutierrez - Vice Chairperson 
Maida Gutierrez

Juan Junco - Commissioner
Juan Junco

Fara Alvarez, Commissioner Headshot.
Fara Alvarez

Maria Rodriguez - Commissioner
Maria Rodriguez

Julio Ponce - Executive Director
Executive Director
Julio Ponce

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