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FAQ - Housing Choice Voucher

Who participates in the Section 8 Program?
The Section 8 program assists low-income households. The Housing Authority selects from their waiting list families/individuals who meet income and eligibility requirements. A participating family may choose to remain in the unit they are currently living in or move to a participating unit.

How is rental Assistance provided?
The Housing Authority calculates the amount of assistance each family receives. The level of assistance is based upon family size and income. A family is expected to pay approximately 30% of current income toward their rent. Each month the Housing Authority will make housing assistance payments directly to the landlord.

What are the tenant's rent responsibilities?
The tenant must pay his/her portion of the rent and all utilities that are not covered by the contract. Because the family is receiving assistance, the rent burden should be reduced, enabling the family to pay rent more easily and on time.

What are the terms of the lease?
A written lease for an initial term of a minimum of one year is required. The Housing Authority must review and approve the lease, or you may use a standard lease provided by the Housing Authority.

How much may landlords charge for security deposit?
Landlords are allowed to charge a security deposit of up to one month's rent.

What if I want to terminate the lease?
The owner may terminate the lease unilaterally only if the tenant violates the lease, or for other good cause. The owner and the tenant can decide to mutually terminate the lease at any tine. As a tenant you may terminate your lease by submitting a written 30-day notice to your landlord and the Housing Authority.

What if the tenant vacates the unit in violation of the Lease?
The owner may retain the assistance payment for the month that the tenant vacates. The owner may also retain the security deposit for the amount of the unpaid rent and damages caused by the tenant.

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