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Requirements for Reporting Changes

The HHA requires that families report interim changes to the Housing Authority within 10 days of when the change occurs. Any information that is needed to verify the change must be provided within 10 calendar days of the change.

If the change is not reported within the required time period, or if the family fails to provide documentation or signatures, it will be considered untimely reporting.

Types of Changes

  • Changes in income or family composition

All changes in family composition and income must be reported within 10 calendar days of the occurrence. The family must obtain approval from the HHA and owner prior to all additions of persons over the age of 18 moving into the unit.  Additions due to birth, adoption and court awarded custody must be reported within the 10 day calendar limit. If any new family member is added, family income must include any income of the new family member.

  • Changes in income and assets 

Participants may report a decrease in income and other changes which would reduce the amount of tenant rent, such as in increase in allowances or deductions. The HHA will calculate the change if a decrease in income is reported.

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