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Application Information - Public Housing

The Public Housing List is Currently Closed

Public Housing Waiting List Opening
On July 2008, the Hialeah Housing Authority (HHA) announced the opening of the public housing waiting list through the local media. Applications were available to all families wishing to apply to the HHA's public housing waiting list. All completed and unduplicated applications were entered for lottery drawing. A public random lottery was held in the Manuel Artime Auditorium to determine the positions.

Once an application is completed for conventional public housing, applicants are placed on a waiting list according to the date and time of their application, the size of the unit for which they qualify (Public Housing only) and building designation (Single elderly or elderly couples only). Note there is an extensive waiting period to receive housing for the 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom family units due to available units.

How Will The Lottery Work?
HHA received over 14,000 pre-applications submitted between July 4 & July 10, 2008. The HHA began the process of reviewing all submitted pre-applications. All duplicate pre-applications were removed. Each household only had one pre-application in the lottery. Applications were divided between unit size designator and zero and 1-bedroom elderly families.

It did not matter on which open day you applied (the first, the last or any day in between). Every complete, unduplicated pre-application that was submitted had an equal chance in the lottery.

Each complete, unduplicated pre-application was randomly assigned a date and time. The pre-applications were then entered into the proper bedroom size wait list. Note: position in the public housing wait list may increase or decrease depending on changes in family size. However, the date and time for which an applicant is assigned during the random lottery never changes. The HHA does not penalize families for changes to their family composition.

Updates to Applications
Use to report address changes, household member changes and changes in income.

  • Hialeah Housing Authority 
  • Tenant Selection Department 
  • 75 East 6th Street, Hialeah, FL 33010

HHA is required by HUD to reduce the concentration of poverty in certain areas within our jurisdiction; therefore families meeting this criterion may be selected in order to be compliant with HUD regulation.

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