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Inspections Checklist

To avoid lengthy delay, the following checklist has been made as a guide to aid you in the make ready of the unit for an Initial inspection.

Please go through this checklist before calling to request an inspection.

  • The unit has been completely cleaned
  • All construction work has been completed and working tools and materials removed
  • All exterior doors and windows have locks that are operable
  • Window screens must be present and in good condition
  • All light switches and electrical outlets cover plates are in place and in good condition
  • There is no peeling paint inside the unit and no peeling paint on the exterior surface below five feet
  • All cabinet doors open, close and latch easily
  • All interior doors must have a keyless locking device
  • Dirty walls have been newly painted
  • All carpets are clean, secured and free of tripping hazards
  • There is at least one operable smoke detector in each level of the unit, especially near sleeping rooms
  • There are not plumbing leaks inside or outside the unit
  • Water heater has a pressure relief valve and a discharge line directed toward the floor or outside the living area
  • All utilities are turned on or connected (electricity, gas, water)
  • All sleeping rooms have at least a window (If iron bars are present, it must have some type of fire escape hatch operable from inside the unit)
  • The owner or the agent for the owner must be present for an initial inspection
  • All grounds around the unit are free from debris and mowed
  • Toilets must be working properly
  • Lavatory, tub and shower must have hot and cold running water
  • Kitchen sink must have hot and cold running water
  • Refrigerator/freezer must work properly to prevent food spoilage
  • Unit must have a fully operable stove or range

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