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Becoming a HCV Landlord

HCV landlords and property managers must have a full understanding of their rights and obligations.

Listed below you will find a list of the steps to be followed when deciding to become a HCV landlord.

  • Inform the Housing Authority of the availability of your property
  • Indicate in your advertisement that you accept Section 8
  • Screen the voucher holder just as you would any other prospective tenant. Please note the HA has not screened the family's behavior or suitability for tenancy. In accordance with HUD requirements information on previous landlord(s), if known to the HA, will be provided upon request. The HA will make an exception to this requirement if the family's whereabouts must be protected due to domestic abuse or witness protection. The following information will be provided based on documentation in our possession:
    • Payment of Rent and Utilities
    • Eviction history
    • Damage to rental units
    • Drug trafficking
  • Become familiar with Fair Housing Law and Landlord/Tenant law.
  • Once your tenant is selected complete the documents included in your Landlord Packet and return to the Housing Authority to get the approval process started. When completing the Request for Tenancy Approval, HUD-52517, indicate clearly who provides or pays for the utilities and appliances, this is crucial for the calculation of the subsidy.
  • Complete form W-9. Please make sure to enter the correct Taxpayer Identification Number, a 1099 will be mailed to you at the end of the year.
  • Direct deposit is now required to ensure your payment is received timely. To enroll please complete the Direct Deposit Form included in your Landlord Packet.
  • The amount of the Security Deposit is set by the landlord, may not be in excess of private market practice, or in excess of amounts charged by the owner to non-assisted families. Paying for the security deposit is tenant responsibility, the HHA will not assist with the payment or be involved in security deposit matters. It is refundable by State Law; refer to Florida State Law (F.S. 83.49)
  • Rent must be reasonable. The rent charged to the housing choice voucher holder cannot exceed the amount of rent charged for other unassisted comparable units. Once the rent has been determined reasonable, an inspection will be scheduled before the applicant can be allowed to move into the unit. (Please check the section on Rent Reasonableness for details)
  • Properties must be maintained in accordance with HQS (Housing Quality Standards). Read the inspection procedures and checklist carefully to avoid failed inspections and delays in renting your property
  • The tenant lease must be signed before the tenant is allowed to move into the unit. Please note that the initial term of the lease must be at least one year (more details on Lease, Tenancy Addendum & HAP Contract page)
  • Owners must comply with the provisions of the HUD Tenancy Addendum, if you do not wish to update your lease you may attach the Tenancy Addendum to the Lease
  • Keep updated on the rules and regulations as well as the internal policies of the Agency by attending annual owner workshops hosted by the Hialeah Housing Authority.

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