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Determining Voucher Size 

The HHA does not determine who shares a bedroom or sleeping room, but there must be at least one person per bedroom on the Voucher. The HHA's subsidy standards for determining Voucher size shall be applied in a manner consistent with Fair Housing Guidelines.

All standards on this information page relate to the number of bedrooms on the Voucher, not the family's actual living arrangements. The unit size of the Voucher remains the same as long as the family composition remains the same, regardless of the actual unit size rented.

Generally the HHA assigns one bedroom to two people within the following guidelines:

  • The HHA will assign one bedroom for each two persons within the household.
  • Live-in-aides will be counted in determining the family unit size in accordance with HHA policies. For a live-in-aide of the same sex as the head of household in a single family, no additional voucher size will be allocated. The voucher size shall not be increased to accommodate a live-in-aide's family.
  • Single person families will be allocated one bedroom.
  • Foster children will be included in determining unit size, only if they will be in the unit for more than six months.
  • Space may be provided for a child who is away at school or a family member who is away in the military.

Guidelines for Determining Voucher Size

Voucher Size - Efficiency
Minimum Persons in Household - 1
Maximum Persons in Household - 1

Voucher Size - 1 Bedroom
Minimum Persons in Household - 1 
Maximum Persons in Household - 4

Voucher Size - 2 Bedrooms
Minimum Persons in Household - 2 
Maximum Persons in Household - 6

Voucher Size - 3 Bedrooms
Minimum Persons in Household - 3
Maximum Persons in Household - 8

Voucher Size - 4
Minimum Persons in Household - 4
Maximum Persons in Household - 10

Voucher Size - 5 Bedrooms
Minimum Persons in Household - 6
Maximum Persons in Household - 12

Exceptions to Subsidy Standards

The HHA shall grant exceptions from the subsidy standards if the family requests and the HHA determines that the exceptions are justified by the relationship, health or disability of family members or other individual circumstances.

The HHA will grant an exception upon request for persons with disabilities. Circumstances may dictate a larger size than the subsidy standards permit when persons cannot share a bedroom because of a need, such as a verified medical or health reason. Request based on health-related reasons must be made in writing and verified by a doctor or medical professional.

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