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Rent Reasonableness and Payment Standard Information

Rent Reasonableness

Prior to tenency approval the Hialeah Housing Authority will make a rent reasonableness determination by comparing the rent being charged by the owner to rents for comparable unassisted units in the area, or multifamily housing, to rents being charged by the owner for comparable, unassisted units on the site. If the proposed rent is determined to be too high and does not meet the rent reasonableness limitation, the HA will negotiate with the owner and attempt to reduce the contract rent.

Our Agency has contrated with for determination of Rent Reasonableness. To make this determination the location, quality, type, unit size, age of the unit, amenities, maintenance and utilities are taken into consideration. Accessibility to persons with disability will also be taken into account. HUD regulations also require that rent be determined reasonable before approval of any increase in the rent to owner, or if it has been a 5% decrease in the FMR.

Payment Standards

The Payment standard is used to calculate the monthly housing assistance payment and is the maximum amount of subsidy a housing authority is allowed to pay. HUD published the Fair Market rents for each market area in the United States and the PHA's must adopt a payment standard schedule that establishes voucher payment standard amounts for each FMR area in the PHA jurisdiction. Housing Authorities have the option of setting their Payment Standards between 90 and 110 percent of the Fair Market rents. Click to view our most current Payment Standards.


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