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Picture of happy seniorThe Public Housing program offered by the Hialeah Housing Authority (HHA) was especially designed to provide decent and safe housing facilities for the eligible elderly, disabled and low-income families of our community. We are a "High Performance" Public Housing program pursuant to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements. Our Public Housing Department is comprised of 12 properties which were built in different locations throughout the city of Hialeah, totaling 1,117 units, which include high rise apartment buildings to single family homes. Some of the amenities the HHA offers to its residents are maintenance services during regular work hours, and for emergency situations services are available afterhours and weekends, security guard monitoring during the night, landscaping services for the property's curb-appeal, janitorial services in the elderly properties and on-site laundry rooms.

In addition, the HHA also offers social worker services available for the elderly and disabled, which include utility bills discrepancies assistance, support in completing on-line public assistance applications, and bus passes, etc. The social services offered to our families is the Family Self-Sufficiency program, in able to promote financial independence thru assistance in job-hunting, educational workshops that include from purchasing your own home to how to budget your family's finances, bus passes, and monetary credit. Finally, for leisure time we have domino rooms, computer classes, exercise / fitness classes, English as a second language, recreational areas and/or playgrounds for all our residents.