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In 1994, there was a need for additional affordable housing in Hialeah. In response, the Hialeah Housing Authority planned the purchase of Palm Centre, a complex containing 298 apartments and 56 commercial bays with square footage of 63,639 (excluding laundry room of 1,050).

In late 1994, HHA started managing Palm Centre property in anticipation of purchasing the buildings. In May of 1995 the Hialeah Housing Authority purchased Palm Centre through a Bond Issue for the amount of 14.5 million dollars.

Palm Centre
Office Location: 240 E 1st Ave, Suite 112
Hialeah Florida 33010

Office Hours:
Monday –Friday
8:30 – 5:00
(305) 883-5025 

phase 1

Palm Centre Phase I
Location:  60 E 3rd Street (starting on 3rd floor)

  • 11 - 1-bedroom units
  • 87 - 2-bedroom units










phase 2Palm Centre Phase II
Location:  150 E 1st Avenue

  • 26 - 1-bedroom units
  • 148 - 2-bedroom units
  • 26 - 3-bedroom units

2400 W 4th Avenue
Hialeah, FL 33010

  • 4 - 2-bedroom Units (1 Bath)

Rent: $1,065.00 per month

Villa Mariposa

83 units with 1 bedroom and 1 bath
State of the Art Architecture composed of 80 one bedroom and 3 studio residencies. This building was designed to serve our low-income elderly community. We envisioned homes with commodities to cater to their needs and entertainment. The many common areas around the building include three accessible laundry rooms, an entertainment room featuring domino tables and more.

mariposa 1

Patterson Pavillion

100 units designated for elderly housing accepting Section 8 vouchers. HHA provides many amenities and services to their tenants such as daily property maintenance, afterhours emergency service, security guard during the evening, and CCTV surveillance in most properties. In addition, properties landscape, janitorial services, and on-site laundry rooms are standard.